Commercial Purchases & Sales

Attorneys at PetersonConners represent clients in a broad range of real estate transactions, including complex securities transactions related to real estate development, as well as traditional purchase, sale, financing, and restructuring deals.

Our services include:

Due Diligence

Regardless of the type of real estate to be acquired, the prospective purchaser must investigate the quality of the investment.  This involves more than just a physical examination of the premises by doing a “walk through.”  An inquiry into the non-physical amenities the property offers is essential to understanding the value of the investment.  This work often takes place before the purchase contract (or the letter of intent) is signed.  Our attorneys assist prospective purchasers evaluate the offer to purchase real estate in light of their particular business objectives.

Preparation of Seller Documents

Attorneys who handle commercial real estate transactions need a solid understanding of issues like financing, warranties, taxes, title, surveys, environmental assessments, leases, and many other issues.  These issues must be taken into account as the attorney representing the seller prepares the real estate purchase contract.

Review of Seller Documents

For the prospective purchaser of commercial real estate, our attorneys will advise the client on the terms of the purchase agreement, taking into consideration the amount of time the purchaser has to conduct his due diligence.  Once the agreement is signed, our attorneys will assist the purchaser in gathering and evaluating the information related to the property, including the current use of the property, title commitments, surveys, zoning and permitted uses for the property, environmental considerations, and many other considerations.