Business & Commercial

When all other alternatives are exhausted, sometimes litigation is necessary. Successful litigation requires thorough preparation, attention to detail, a strategic rather than tactical mindset, and a level-headed, practical attitude. Our attorneys represent our business and commercial clients in all aspects of the litigation process in both state and federal Courts.

Our litigation skills are second to none, but we are not cheerleaders for our clients. All too many cases are litigated and lost by counsel who identify so strongly with their clients’ causes that they lose sight of the merits. Our approach is to provide our clients with thorough information and counsel at every stage so that they can decide on how to proceed, given the risks and potential benefits.

Whenever possible, when a client is considering litigation, or is exposed to potential liability, we look for ways other than litigation by which to resolve the matter more cost-effectively.

We are experienced in business, corporate, contractual, financial, intellectual property, trade secret, employer-related, construction, real estate, non-competition, and unfair competition cases, as well as many other areas of state and federal litigation.